Does Male Enhancement Work?

Does Male Enhancement Work? The Ultimate Q&A!

It’s the burning question we all want an answer to once and for all: Does male enhancement work? Our revealing Q&A provides some surprising answers!

Question: Does male enhancement work to enhance penile appearance?

Answer: Yes.

Depending on the method you are using (exercises, devices, or herbal supplements), you will see varying levels of change in the appearance of your penis. With most stretching devices, for example, the focus is on length. Male enhancement supplements, on the other hand, work to improve both length and width by forcing more blood into the chambers of the penis, actually causing the chambers to stretch, thereby creating fuller, firmer erections.

Question: Does male enhancement work to improve reliability of erections?

Answer: Yes

Again this depends on the method you are using. Exercises and devices won’t help much with your ability to achieve and sustain an erection; however, male enhancement supplements will help with this. In fact, one of the leading products on the market today (VigRX Plus) has been clinically proven as powerful as the active ingredient in Viagra in helping men achieve and sustain an erection hard enough for sexual penetration. Herbal supplements can also help counteract premature ejaculation, and can make the sexual experience more powerfully pleasurable.

Question: Does male enhancement work without causing injury?

Answer: Depends

The LAST place you want to injure yourself is your penis! Unless they are done carefully and properly, male enhancement exercises can cause strain, bruising, soreness, and in serious cases can damage the fascia or glans – possibly permanently. If you are considering a male enhancement exercise program, be sure to obtain excellent instruction and proceed with caution. Male enhancement supplements, on the other hand, carry no risk of injury. In fact, they have no unwanted side effects at all.

Question: Does male enhancement work better than surgery?

Answer: Most of the time

There are not only the obvious drawbacks of penile surgery (like the scalpel!); there are also limitations to the procedure. In most male enhancement surgeries, the ligaments that hold the penis to the body are cut to allow the penis to descend. Usually, this allows about an inch improvement. Weights or stretching devices must be used in the months following the procedure to prevent the penis from receding back into the body. Not only is the difference less than what most men hope for; the procedure can also cause scar tissue as well as a downward pointing erection. The majority of patients are unhappy with the results of their male enhancement surgery. Other male enhancement options like exercises or supplements can result in greater changes in appearance – without the knife.

Question: Does male enhancement work as a stimulant as well?

Answer: Yes

Devices won’t do anything to stimulate you (have you seen what they look like?!) but male enhancement supplements contain powerful aphrodisiacs that help boost your libido – and your interest in sex. Together with the increase in circulation (blood flow) that results from the other ingredients in a good supplement, plus the energy and vitality herbs, your sexual desire and sexual enjoyment are greatly improved.

Question: Does male enhancement work right away?

Answer: No

With a male enhancement exercise program, you are looking at a minimum of four months of daily exercises before you see any real progress. This enhancement option requires a certain level of commitment. If you get tired of doing the exercises in the first few weeks, you may see no progress at all. With male enhancement supplements, you will begin to see results within the first 30 days and can see maximum results after about 90 days (though those who stick to a program can continue to see gains after that time). It’s less of a commitment, though, since you only need to take a pill – rather than strapping on a device or completing potentially embarrassing or uncomfortable exercises.

Question: Does one male enhancement product work as well as the next one?

Answer: No

Like anything in life, there are good options and bad options out there. If you’re interested in an extender device, look for a reliable name that has been in existence for a long period of time. Don’t look for something cheap – this is not an area you want to scrimp on! If you’re looking for a male enhancement pill, again look for a quality brand name and also find one that provides documentation and studies to back its claims (like the aforementioned VigRX Plus).

Question: So… does male enhancement work, then?

Answer: YES!

The answer is a resounding yes, with a cautious “depending on the circumstance” thrown in. Surgery will give you an almost guaranteed improvement, but not by much, and it’s a tough road. Exercises will give you visible improvements, but you will need to stick to your program rigorously and consistently, and have a great deal of patience. Extender devices can help you achieve more length, but you have to be careful not to injure yourself. Male enhancement supplements can help you achieve visible, measurable results, but you have to be sure that you find a reputable product that includes the highest quality ingredients, and has been clinically proven effective.